Mountain Sage Treks

Mountain Sage


03010001Rebecca and in turn Seven Summits Performance Ltd, has long understood the transformative experience of climbing mountains.  With this in mind, Seven Summits offers bespoke treks for people who recognize it’s time for a break from a busy business schedule, or who want to rediscover the ‘essence’ of who they are, or reflect on what is important to them and what is the next step in their lives.

A Mountain Sage Trek affords us the time to press the pause button on life and step back from the multiple pressures put upon us.  The usual multi-tasking is replaced with the simple melody of walking six, seven, eight hours a day and a growing sense of physical well-being – as well as an inner well-being, of mind and soul – as we reconnect with nature and immerse ourselves in the remoteness and beauty of our surroundings.  People very often experience renewed confidence and a clarity of purpose leading to a clear path, and courage, to change things with surprising ease on their return.

From experience, many of the benefits happen at a subconscious level, with no effort at all.   But that isn’t to say that a little extra help through conversation and professional coaching isn’t of value.  On our Mountain Sage Treks, people are encouraged to talk openly with others, or take quiet time for themselves as is their preference, and may also choose to opt for additional coaching before, during or following a life-enhancing walk in the mountains.