Head, Heart, Values


 Room for Personal Growth

Anybody who might be contemplating the employment of a coach shares a fundamental value with Rebecca; namely, at whatever stage we are in life, there is still the room for personal growth.  And although unquestionably Rebecca has achieved extraordinary things in her life to this point, her success as a coach is that she is utterly down to earth, and humble – and endlessly fascinated and caring about the lives of others.

She brings experience from a broad spectrum – business, journalism, philanthropy – but the stand-alone experience she brings her clients is her climbing to the highest points on Earth.  The mountains, she argues, strip away any superficialities that get in the way, revealing only that which matters: head, heart, and values – the core of what makes us human.  There is no better teacher.  Lessons learned in the extreme and often-dangerous natural world, working alongside and with others to accomplish a collective goal, are lessons for life, as pertinent in the challenging environment of the workplace as the vertiginous slopes of the mountains.

Rebecca understands the power of authenticity, of listening to your inner voice and having the courage to follow your chosen path.  She has lived it.  She understands that we as humans are gregarious by nature, that we work in teams and that the growth of others in our team is as important as our own personal growth.  She’s lived this, too.  And she understands that we only truly move forward when we venture into new, unknown territory.  We should regularly be feeling butterflies in our stomach, she says, else we’re not growing.

As a coach, Rebecca holds the mirror up to her clients to help them develop self-awareness and identify their internal drivers and strengths in order to be their true authentic selves and lead themselves and their teams to greater things.  It is all about the client: one to one.