Reflection, Transformation, Empowerment


Experiential Learning


The love of the mountain landscape is fundamental to what Rebecca, and in turn Seven Summits, is and does.  Rebecca has walked extensively, and led treks, in East Africa, Bhutan, Ladakh, Tibet and Nepal – and understands the personal transformation that can take place through such an experience.

A long walk in the hills, up and over high passes and peaks, allows us to press the pause button on life and step back from the multiple pressures put upon us.  The usual multi-tasking is replaced with the simple melody of walking six, seven, eight hours a day and a growing sense of physical well-being – as well as an inner well-being, of mind and soul – as we reconnect with nature and immerse ourselves in the remoteness and beauty of our surroundings.

At a personal level, Rebecca describes how so often in the mountains her brain filters the clutter and throws a clear light on what is important in life, and how this can have far-reaching consequences.  And she knows she’s not alone.  Repeatedly, people she has trekked with have experienced renewed confidence and a clarity of purpose which has led them to a clear path, and courage, to change things with surprising ease on their return.