Organisational Intelligence

We have all heard of IQ as a measure of intelligence, and EQ, as a measure of emotional intelligence.  But what about OQ, Organizational Intelligence?  How we influence other people and effectively transform our ideas into practice within organizations is critical to our success and well-being, and yet research indicates that only 20% of us are any good at it – and only a quarter of this 20% are good at it in what might be considered an ethical manner.



>Engage actively in the political sphere in an entirely ethical way

>Develop the mindset and skill set of the Organisationally Intelligent

>Transform your ideas into practice

>Have a measurable impact within your organisation

OQ In Organisations

Create Greater Impact

EverestIf you have a niggling feeling you or your employees might fall into the 80% majority that fail to have an impact within your organisation, then this is a workshop for you.  Based on longitudinal research over twenty years, this highly engaging half-day workshop uses a case study and quiz to open people’s minds to the possibility that, actually, the majority of us have a pretty high OQ – we just need to give ourselves permission to use it.

The truth is many of us put up barriers to engaging ‘politically’ within organisations to influence people in order to get things done.  We might feel that we shouldn’t have to, that the technical merits of our work should be enough.  Or we might feel that it isn’t right to be manipulative and play political games.

We don’t believe that it’s right to play political games either.  This workshop shows the way to engage actively in the political sphere in an entirely ethical way – a way that allows you to be true to your values.  It aims to enable you to develop the mindset and skill set of the Organisationally Intelligent, so that you too can transform your ideas into practice and have measurable impact within your organisation.



Make greater contributions to your organisations

Enjoy higher job satisfaction

More likely to be promoted

Benefit Financially

Be viewed as Leaders