Shackleton’s Endurance sinks

Shackleton’s Endurance sinks
November 21, 2015 Rebecca Stephens

Shackleton’s Endurance sinks

21st November 2015

It was one hundred years ago today, 21st November 1915, that Shackleton and his men were forced to stand on the frozen Weddell Sea and watch as their ship Endurance was ‘crushed like matchsticks’ before their eyes, and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

For Shackleton and his team, whose intent it had been to make the first crossing of the Antarctic continent, the ship was their last contact with anything that might resemble civilisation…and home.

Their dream of crossing Antarctica had already been dashed, but now even their chance of returning home seemed remote.

‘I cannot write about it,’ said Shackleton.

It marked the end of any pretence they might cross Antarctica – and the beginning of arguably the most epic tale of survival in the history of exploration.